VetClear (Veteran & Security Clearance)


Umanist offers specialized support for hiring veterans and candidates with security clearances, providing access to a diverse talent pool, compliance assurance, expertise in veteran hiring, security clearance management, diverse skill sets, cultural fit assessment, and a commitment to inclusion.

How Umanist can help?

Umanist specializes in assisting organizations in hiring veterans and candidates with security clearances. They understand the unique skills, experiences, and qualifications these individuals bring, making them valuable assets to various industries, especially those requiring security-cleared personnel.

Umanist provides access to a diverse talent pool of veterans and individuals with security clearances. This allows clients to tap into a pool of candidates with backgrounds in military service and government work, bringing in-depth expertise and professionalism to their teams.

Umanist ensures compliance with security clearance requirements and conducts thorough credential verifications. This includes verifying security clearances, certifications, and military service records, ensuring that candidates meet the necessary criteria for specific roles.

Why Choose Umanist Staffing?

Our Services

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