Agency Of Records

Agency of Record

Umanist Staffing offers expert Agency of Record (AOR) services that combine insurance procurement, risk management, negotiation expertise, and claims support.

How Umanist Can Help Clients with Agency of Record (AOR) Services:?

Umanist brings expertise in insurance procurement, helping clients identify their insurance needs, assess risks, and procure appropriate coverage. We work with reputable insurance providers to secure comprehensive policies that align with clients' business objectives and risk profiles.

As an experienced AOR service provider, Umanist excels in negotiating insurance terms and pricing on behalf of clients. We leverage industry knowledge, market insights, and negotiation skills to secure competitive rates, favorable policy terms, and adequate coverage limits.

Effective risk management is integral to business sustainability. Umanist collaborates with clients to develop tailored risk mitigation strategies, including insurance solutions that address potential liabilities, asset protection, regulatory compliance, and contingency planning for unexpected events.

Umanist offers a range of coverage options across different insurance types, including general liability, professional liability, property insurance, workers' compensation, cyber insurance, and more. This ensures that clients have comprehensive protection against various risks and exposures.

In addition to insurance procurement, Umanist provides claims management support. We assist clients in navigating the claims process, liaising with insurance carriers, documenting claims accurately, and advocating for timely and fair claim resolutions.

Why Choose Umanist for Agency of Record (AOR) Services?

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