Technology +Emersive

Technology +Emersive

Umanist offers comprehensive support in recruiting technology professionals with expertise in emerging technologies, including deep tech expertise, access to top talent, industry-relevant solutions, strategic partnership, and compliance with ethical practices.

How Umanist can help:

Umanist specializes in recruiting technology professionals with expertise in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and cybersecurity. They understand the specific skill sets and qualifications required in these areas and can effectively match candidates to organizational needs.

Umanist helps organizations stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. By sourcing top-tier talent in emerging technologies, they enable clients to innovate, implement cutting-edge solutions, and maintain competitiveness in their respective industries.

Umanist conducts a comprehensive talent search to identify and attract technology professionals with the right blend of technical skills, industry experience, and innovation mindset. This includes active sourcing, screening, interviewing, and presenting qualified candidates to clients.

Why Choose Umanist Staffing?

Our Services

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
  • Project RPO 
  • On-demand Recruiters Resume Sourcing 
  • Staffing & MSP Program Support
  • Human Capital Management and Staff Augmentation

US: Umanist Staffing LLC, 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor Suite #668, New York, New York 10013, United States Ph. +1-917-(997)-9133

IND: Umanist Business Consulting (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., C1/24A HIG World Bank, Barra, Kanpur U.P. 208027 Ph. +91-9170077218