Niche Hiring

Niche Hiring

Umanist complete the recruitment that deals with a specific industry diverse needs to provide a wide range of Niche.

Our Services

    • Executive Search
    • Healthcare Resource Management
    • Skilled/Unskilled Labor Immigration (SULI Program)
    • Government Projects
    • VetClear (Veteran & Security Clearance)
    • Student Exchange (StudEX)
    • Technology +Emersive
    • Specially Abled Program

Executive Search

Identifying and securing top-tier executive talent is at the heart of our Executive Search service. We leverage a robust network and cutting-edge methodologies to match organizations with leaders who not only meet their criteria but also align with their vision and values.

Healthcare Resource Management

Our Healthcare Resource Management service is designed to optimize staffing solutions in the dynamic healthcare industry. We specialize in streamlining workforce processes, ensuring that healthcare institutions have the right personnel in place to deliver quality care efficiently.

Skilled/Unskilled Labor Immigration

Navigate the complexities of global talent acquisition with our Skilled/Unskilled Labor Immigration (SULI) Program. We facilitate seamless immigration processes, ensuring a smooth transition for skilled and unskilled workers, meeting both employer and employee needs.

Government Project

With a focus on government projects, we bring expertise in project management, resource allocation, and compliance. Our agency ensures that government initiatives are executed with precision, adhering to regulations and delivering impactful results.

VetClear (Veteran & Security Clearance)

VetClear is our specialized program dedicated to connecting veterans and individuals with security clearances to opportunities in various industries. We are committed to supporting those who have served and providing clients with access to a highly skilled and disciplined workforce.

Student Exchange (StudEX)

The StudEX program fosters cross-cultural experiences by facilitating student exchanges. We connect educational institutions globally, promoting diversity and knowledge sharing, ultimately enriching the academic and personal growth of students.

Technology & Immersive

Embrace the future with our Technology + immersive service. We integrate new technologies into recruitment processes, creating immersive experiences for both clients and candidates. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our innovative solutions.

Specially Abled Program

Our Specially Abled Program is dedicated to inclusivity. We work closely with differently-abled individuals, providing customized support to enhance their employment opportunities. Through this program, we aim to create a workforce that celebrates diversity and empowers every individual.

Our Services

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
  • Project RPO 
  • On-demand Recruiters Resume Sourcing 
  • Staffing & MSP Program Support
  • Human Capital Management and Staff Augmentation

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